Much has been written by my fellow Cozy builders about the reasons for choosing to build this plane over the hundreds of others - economy, performance, the Rutan legacy, builder support, etc. But the major factor for me was and is simply aesthetics. Damn, if I didn't fall in love with this plane at first sight. There it was, posing provocatively in the back of a Kitplanes magazine. I was smitten.

This web site is not a full record of each step, every do and don't, or a soap box to vent. Other builders (see "Links") have done and are doing a superb job of this already. It is just an attempt to show as concisely as possible that, yes, I built at least 51% of this plane, and that I enjoy 100% of doing it.

Homepage cover: special thanks to Jay Hegemann for creating the Cozy poster, the source of the featured plane.