A 22" x 73" x 3.5" block of styrofoam ready for CNC milling into 2 canard sections.

The top of the canard and spar trough with support ridge and stand-off blocks.

Cutting the canard bottom and spar trough.

The support ridge removed on the final pass.

Two perfect canard cores awaiting dissection, shear web and trough glass, and skin plies.

All foam sections re-attached, shear web completed with bottom spar, awaiting glassing.

The bottom glassed.

  Prior to glassing the top, I removed and reinstalled new attachment tabs, because I realized I torqued them to nearly 50 ft-lbs, not 50 in-lbs! They were slightly deformed. No damage to the glass hard-point.

The top glassed and the VOR antenna visible. Glide- slope antenna is on other side.

  The completed canard - 21 lbs, 3 oz.! I guess that's within specs?