3d model surfaces used for CNC milling. Click to view and manipulate in QuickTime. Five pieces of foam glued together for the main wing core.
The shorter trailing wing section that attaches to the center section spar being CNC cut. The bottom of the main wing core being CNC rough cut.
The short and main wing cores prior to trimming of support edges. That's a big meatball! The cut-out for the aileron controls was done with a template and hot wire.
Aileron access cut-out template. Aileron access cut-out.   Mended aileron access cut-out.
The bottom and top wing sections prior to the shear web lay up. The wing attach depression with cover.
The shop after the flood. The wing miraculously unscathed and literally above it all. Mold and putrid life baggage. It was dry after the hurricane, but after the canal levee was breached, the water rose to 36". Tools and materials destroyed. Shop obliterated.    
The soggy and corroded contents removed. The waterline is visible on the pegboard to the left. My leg was saved by a piece of foam that buffered the fall of the air compressor. I slipped on the slimy floor while trying to move it.
The wing, in a carrying cradle, awaits attention in a gutted, barren world. It has taken two months to get to this point. It will be many more before I return. All of our downstairs domicile has been reduced to this essence.