The fuselage with corners rounded, NACA intake fabricated and the landing brake removed.

  The AeroCAD top fits perfectly on the contoured fuselage.

The marker beacon antenna afixed to the fuselage underside with the coax cable in a routed recess.

  The coax cable soldered to the copper foil antenna.

A plastic insert was used instead of duct tape to define and support the landing brake flange.

  A plastic pressure plate ensures a uniform depression for the landing brake flange.

The landing brake is kept flat with a MDF pressure plate.

  The weighted landing brake.

The plastic depression template pops free showing a well defined indentation.


The fully glassed fuselage mounted to a stand using lazy-susan bearings.

  Rotating the fuselage facilitated sanding and glassing the exterior.

I had to check - 0.0° at the rear longerons.

  0.0° at the canard cutout and F-22.

0.0° at the front longerons.